Porsche Design Group Steps into the Perfume Game…For Some Reason


Because we’re here in New York and we want to get out and go see some sites, instead of sitting here in the hotel room in front of our laptop, this writer end on a quick, weird little note. Because apparently designers are the new celebrities who can just put their names on most anything and it’ll sell, following Zaha Hadid‘s example, the Porsche Design Group wing of the Porsche empire, has decided to get into the perfume game. We can understand them building the packaging for something like this and having it be beautiful, like their work with LaCie, but we fail to see the market for anyone thinking, “Man, I wish I could smell like quality, modern design.” Here’s a bit on what eau de Porsche’s odor is:

OK…but what does it smell like? One molecule — Artical, from International Flavors & Fragrances — was the starting point for the scent’s “fresh aromatic woody juice.” Azzaro executives envisioned an urban, cultured, intelligent, sporty, sensual man in the 25-50 age range as the user (that means you, Luxist reader). In addition to Artical, other top notes are juniper and blueberry. Among heart notes are Russian coriander, black pepper and Siberian pine, and in the base are notes of fir balsam, patchouli and incense. (I’m sure that clears things up for you.)