Politico Mike Allen’s Identity Crisis

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we forget who we are, we forget what’s important to us or what our principles are — both figuratively or literally. In Politico Mike Allen’s case, he’s starting to think he’s Fishbowl. Is there a sanitarium with an open bed to address such a malady?

For the past three days we’ve noticed Allen has incorporated a “Fishbowl Des Moines” into his morning Playbook routine. We like the name, too, Mike, that’s why it’s the name of our site. I mean, it’s not as if Politico threatens legal action any time anyone dares to let Politico fumes escape from their nostrils into the airstream. And it’s not as if they ever went after a college kid in September 2009 for daring to use the word “politico” in a site name.

But we love sharing. We learned how to do it in Kindergarten with blocks and glue. Which is why we are going to start incorporating Playbook items into OUR daily routine — granted, they’ll have a wildly different Fishbowlesque twist to them, but they’ll use real Playbook feature titles — that is, since we’re all now sharing. Because what’s good for Allen is good for everyone, right?

We reached out and asked about his newfound “Fishbowl” use. But he’s busy in the Des Moines Fishbowl trying to remember who he is, scrounging for his next feeding of Fish Food and deciding where he’s swimming to next.