Politico Says Adios to Anonymous Commenters (Well, Sort of)

After wrestling for quite sometime with what its commenting system ought to be, Politico has settled on a DISQUS platform. No longer do readers have to sign into Facebook, which was the previous policy. The new system allows readers to reply to individual comments, vote on comments and link to social media. Readers may sign in using their Politico ID.

While a note to readers insists that commenters will no longer be able to remain anonymous, usernames include such “surnames” as…jtrue52“, “radio man“, “Cathy“, and “PinkLady74.” Of the 83 commenters commenting on the new commenting policy, most seem pleased but with a pinch of skepticism. LASPULGASGUNNERS writes, “This change that is coming, is this change that we can believe in? I mean we have already been lied too more than once.” But PinkLady74 is a clear optimist. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she (we are going to assume she is a she) exclaims. “This is a major improvement.” Commenters argued back and forth on the subject, some believing DISQUS will be able to track them, others claiming Politico is in collusion with the FBI, and still others seeing the benefits.

One commenter, the obviously anonymous 66gardeners, summed up the discussion on an upbeat note: “Even though we argue incessantly, we are all politicos who value each other’s opinions.  Hope for the best, I guess.”

We reached out to Politico to ask about the anonymous aspect to its new policy. A Politico source explained that users are not anonymous internally – they have to have email verification to participate. They can, however, choose whatever user name they wish to use.