Politico.com Should Be a Sunday Show


The first panel on the second day of what were are calling EOVMWHAWCNCon was made up of only Politico.com journos. There was Mike Allen, Jim VandeHei, Jonathan Martin, Ben Smith and John F. Harris.

The title of the panel was “Challenges for the New Administration and the Two Parties: POLITICO Editors & Reporters Look to the Future.” Again, descriptions are useful for many things…titles are not one of them.

Anyway, what followed was a smart, level headed, interesting and informed discussion of the new administration and the outgoing one.

There was not one time when the panelist talked over one another. Not once was the oft-repeated “Will you let me finish?” line that peppers cable news ‘interviews’ injected. There were no talking points offered in lieu of insight. The panelists seemed to all be working toward a common goal. There was no partisan sparing. It was civil. It was civil discourse about – of all things – government.

In an era when hyperbole and politics have been interchangeable, it was almost a shock. None of the panelists were trying to be comedians or agitators. They weren’t snarky. They were journalists.

We liked it. We never thought that listening to five white dudes talk for an hour would be refreshing – but it was.

There is about to be a new tone in Washington. The new president actually talks to people. Maybe that’ll be the new trend in talking about politics…you know…talking…as opposed to declaring hostile half-truths and then cutting to commercial.

You can watch the whole panel in it’s entirety.

We think this should be a new Sunday show. Our boyfriend Bob Schieffer is getting on in years. We think these five guys discussing the week’s events should be new program.

And we want 15 percent. Thanks.