Playboy Editor Submits To Brazilian Bikini Wax For His Column

playboy_editor_waxes_balls_column.jpgTalk about “method” reporting.

In the August issue of Playboy, editor Rocky Rakovic provides perhaps the best lead of any column you’ll read this year:

I’m lying on my back, and an attractive middle-aged woman is about to smear hot wax on my balls.

Rakovic also reveals what in any other office would violate roughly 47 sexual harassment guidelines in the employee manual:

“If you’re such a fan of bald balls, why don’t you get yours waxed?” said my boss with a sadistic smile. “I may even let you write about it.”

By the way, Rakovic says he got it done “down there” at Shobha on Madison Avenue, which has “recently made ball waxing a dedicated service.”

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