Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Management Still Asking For Huge Pay Cuts

pittsburgh_post_gazette.pngContract negotiations at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, initiated in December, continue, the Tribune-Review reports.

The P-G is still asking for newsroom employees to take a 25 percent pay cut in year 1 of the contract and a 10 percent cut in year 2.

Guilds covering other parts of the paper—ten in all—also continue to negotiate.

Guilds represent 800 employees at the newspaper, or 20 percent fewer than in 2007, when the current contracts were accepted. Employees now are working under the same terms as the 2007 contracts, though those contracts technically expired March 31.

The P-G has gone through three rounds of buyouts since 2007, most recently in November 2009 when the paper offered buyouts to all 144 of its managers.