Pew Report: People Using Social Media to Discuss the Elections Aren’t Necessarily Happy About It

Are you?

We probably didn’t need a study to confirm this, but it’s always good to have our anecdotal concerns quantified, doesn’t it? A new Pew study that takes a look at the how the elections fit into people’s social media habits and how people feel about political engagement levels on social media finds that one-third are done.

According to the study, 37 percent of participants reported feeling “worn out” by the deluge of politics-related content popping up in their social feeds. A sizable 20 percent, however, are totally fine with the deluge.

And if you’ve had any interactions with someone of the opposite party on social media, you may be feeling like the 59 percent of participants who found that doing so was “stressful and frustrating,” as opposed to the 35 percent for whom those interactions were “interesting and informative.”

Not only do a majority feel frustrated by those exchanges, even more, 64 percent, feel even more politically estranged from those with opposing viewpoints as a result.

And the America the Divided storyline continues.