People StyleWatch Continues Upward Trend

Let’s face it – Americans like to buy things. We snatch up new iPhones despite the fact that our old iPhones work perfectly fine. We like to shop at places like Forever 21 even though a pair of $11 pants lasts exactly 11 days. It doesn’t matter to us, because we just want more things. It appears our love of buying things has rubbed off on the magazine industry as well.

From 2008 through last year, People StyleWatch, a magazine filled to the brim with things people can buy, posted the biggest ad page gains out of any monthly magazine, according to a study done by MIN. In 2010 the magazine featured 940 ad pages, a staggering 86 percent increase from 2008, when it posted 505 pages.

Karin Tracy, Publisher of Time Inc.’s People StyleWatch, said she expects the gains to continue this year:

We are continuing to break new business in 2011 with new accounts such as The Limited, Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger. We are really excited about our upcoming March issue, which will be our biggest ever, as well as publishing 11 times in 2011 with our first July issue.

In other words, everyone get your credit cards ready.