Patchworking Is The New Freelancing?

Cheat's patchwork quilt

In the book ‘The 9-to-5 Cure,’ author and career coach Dr. Kristin Cardinale argues that “traditional, full-time jobs aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be.”

So what’s the solution? Freelancing, except apparently Cardinale calls it “patchworking.” In her words, the Patchwork Principle is “a freelance career strategy based on the simple idea that working for a number of employers simultaneously presents unique business opportunities and insulates an individual from sudden and total job loss. In short, enjoyable work in abundance is the signature of this business model.”

Which is to say…we think…that anyone who just got laid off can say they’re “freelancing” when in actuality they’re spending equal time hanging out at the local coffee shop playing Farmville, “working on a novel,” and calling their employed friends begging for work. So to get away from the negative stigma of the word “freelance” there’s a whole new term for “enjoyable work in abundance.” That’s our pet theory anyway.

Trouble is that to us, patchworking connotes pieceworking, which is not necessarily the image successful freelancers want to cultivate either. Anyone have a suggestion for a completely different word or a way to take back “freelance” from the people who aren’t worthy of the title?

At the original link (from Cardinale’s publisher JIST) you can self-assess to see whether you’d be a good freelancer—er, patchworker.