Party Photos: DCI Fetes Journos

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Above: Sometimes journo Doug “Fine, I’ll temporarily suspend my ‘I don’t do blog photos’ policy for you, Gavin”, former journo Moira Bagley, Best Journo Hair Carl Hulse and Loved By Journos Ron Bonjean.

More after the jump…(and were you there for Tammy Haddad’s party for Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead last night?)

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Journos at last night’s DCI Group “Flaks and Hacks” party at Sonoma: Adam Verdugo, Jackie Kucinich, John Stanton, Nora McAlvanah, Tim Burger, Robert Schlesinger, Jr., Carl Hulse, J.P. Freire, Josh Rogin, Christina Svolopolous and Stephanie Livingston.

(And lest we forget Bryan Walsh…)

And Sen. Burr, Rep. McCarthy and Gov. Barbour did a walk through.

And then things got ugly…

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