Party Photos: A DC Wedding Reception for Dan & Meg

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U Street’s version of the Katharine Graham mansion — the Some-of-The-Rusty-Nails-In-Our-Backyard-Could-Give-You-TB home of CongressDaily’s Erin McPike and The Hill’s Jackie Kucinich — feted the couple Politico’s Mike Allen calls Generation Y’s version of Ben and Sally: Politico’s Dan Reilly and Glover Park Group’s Meg Little, who were recently married in Vermont. (See the two above, flanked by Politico’s Ryan Grim and Lisa Lerer)

Pics and attendees after the jump…

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Attendees: Reid Wilson, Jim Snyder, Moira Bagley, Tracy Sefl, Amos Snead, Matt Dornic, Patrick O’Connor, Becca Glover, Liz Glover, Carrie Foster, Chris Bodenner, Tim Ryan, Pat Ryan, Shannon Flaherty, Mike Allen, Lisa Lerer, Ryan Grim, Noam Levey, Doug Thornell, Stacie Paxton, Rodell Mollineau, Ryan Loskarn, Marty Kady, Sarah Taylor, Chris Taylor, Rachel Bauer Taylor, Christopher Gindlesperger, Matt Haller, Todd Harris, Tory Newmyer, Daphne Retter, Emily Kryder, Ken Spain, Jessica Brady, Elana Schor and Mike Lillis. (Sorry in advance if we left your name out…)

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The highlight? The flip cup table, described as “a point of personal pride” … and not just because of the graffiti on it. It got into the party house courtesy of the McDeath Mobile, McPike’s left hand and Jackie’s right hand…all the way down Rhode Island Avenue.

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