Olbermann Vows: No More Twitter Fighting

Current TV’s Keith Olbermann is a prolific tweeter with more than 350,000 followers and 21,000 tweets. We know firsthand that haters will always try to pick fight. So, how does a tweeter handle all that vitriol? Olbermann has a rep for addressing them head on with all the manners of a freight train. He’s had pretty legendary throw-downs with people with whom he disagrees. There’s that time he battled Piers Morgan over who has more viewers.  After Christine O’Donnell famously walked out of her interview with Piers, Olbermann tweeted “Who walks out on @PiersMorgan tonight? I’m betting on…the audience (as usual).” Morgan snapped back, “More watch me in Belgium than you globally.”

More recently, he sparred with sportswriter Bill Simmons over a joke that Olbermann found in poor taste. Simmons used the JFK assassination to make a crack about Kobe Bryant‘s career.  Olbermann scolded Simmons by saying Simmons “had no talent” and “no taste”.  Simmons responded with this: “You shouldn’t tell people how to act.  You’ve burned bridges at 3 different companies.  No one wants to hear it from you.”  Yikes!

For those of us in the Twitterverse, it’s great theater. But Olbermann has grown tired of the fighting. HuffPost reports that tweeter @Ceilidhann, a self described “Wannabe writer/politcal wonk”, talked crap about Olbermann’s friend, comedian Richard Lewis.  Or did she?  According to her livejournal page, @Ceilidhann merely called Richard Lewis by his last name. That prompted Olbermann to block @Ceilidhann. He then spent the next several hours working himself up into an impressive lather, fighting with people who wanted an explanation. Eventually, Olbermann posted the following tweet:

Anyone taking bets on how long this vow will last?