Off the Media: Dobbs, Fox and Auletta

There’s no love of cable news on OTM this week, what with co-hosts Gladstone & Garfield taking it out of CNN’s Lou Dobbs (our previous on that is here) and Fox news. The short bit by Bob on Fox is quite the sendup. Quckly noting a HuffPo-provided unsourced piece the channel ran on how Iraqi insurgents are “pleased” with Dems winning the US elex, he asks: “What’s the source?” then quips, “We report. You decide.”

Also, Brooke’s interview with an astute Ken Auletta tells why family-owned newspapers — even families as committed to journalism as the Sulzbergers — may not be able to overcome newspapers’ current economic realities:

“I think it’s real important to say this on behalf of the Tribune Company or Wall Street or anyone who says, my God, what’s your plan for growth in the future? And that’s a fair question to be asking, and it’s one that journalists should climb out of our bunkers and not just, look, how do we do good journalism, but how do we attract readers?”