LA Weekly Reporter Becomes Chuck D’s Public Enemy

Last Friday, LA Weekly city chronicler Dennis Romero posted a preview item about “Occupy Skid Row,” a free Sunday concert event in downtown LA organized by Public Enemy.

In his piece, Romero noted that the event lacked proper permitting for a concert performance and also questioned the happening’s confusing connection to the broader Occupy movement. Supporters of PE front man Chuck D, as well as D himself, did not take kindly to the tone of the article. This afternoon, after six updates to the original article, various reader comments and some angry back-and-forth tweets, Romero sums up the brouhaha that ensued and this final Twitter volley:

After Chuck D accused me of being a tool of corporate media, I had to point out that he had hired a lying corporate publicist and is, as far as we can tell, a member of the so-called 1 percent of American income-earners that are the ire of the Occupy nation.

He denied it. But when I tweeted “You’re saying you make less than $380,000 a year? Really?” D had no response. (Later he said he wanted to communicate with me privately and try to work things out.)

Romero is willing to admit that his January 13 item was perhaps a tad too “negative.” However, he also intimates that the aforementioned publicist did not help matters by substituting a smiley face in her email correspondence for an actual, substantive answer to one of his main queries.