Occupied LA Times Publishes First Issue

Occupied Los Angeles Times, the latest in a series of newspapers from the Occupy movement, put out its first issue this past Sunday. It’s only Tuesday, but the paper might as well be weeks behind in terms of the news value of its content. None of the stories address the movement’s impending eviction from the park outside LA City Hall. Instead of breaking news from within the movement, the paper is essentially a primer for the uninitiated. Its stories debunk the notion that Occupy lacks coherent demands–noting that the reimplementation of Glass-Steagall, for instance,  is a universal demand of all Occupy encampments. This strikes us as a pretty coherent strategy, as the Occupy website, Twitter and other infinite forms of social media are far quicker and easier places to break news.

A similar effort launched in Boston last month, Occupy Boston Globe, drew the copyright ire of the paper’s namesake. But the upstart Occupy paper survived, and, after launching a Kickstarter fundraising drive, now has the cash to put out a semi-regular print edition.

You can download a PDF of LA’s paper here. Or, view the paper online at the Occupy Los Angeles website.