Observing the Observer: It Was the Best of Times…

kushner-1-large.jpgOver at Portfolio the intrepid Lloyd Grove is working his Q&A stylings on “fast-rising young owner of the New York Observer” Jared Kushner. Conversation topics include a whole lot of talk about real estate as both porn and the mark of the devil, as well as whether investing in a dinosaur is a bad idea. Some choice excerpts after the jump.

    J.K.:[Leading the way into the elevator down to the main lobby of 666.] We’ll run down and I’ll show you the lobby. Do you have any interest in real estate?

    L.G.: Only in the pornographic sense that everybody else does.

    J.K.: Real estate is like porn for rich people.

    L.G.: Obviously it got its address, 666, before all the craziness surrounding “the mark of the beast” from the Book of Revelation.

    J.K.: Well I think “the mark of the beast” has probably existed before the building. The way that I look at it is, six plus six plus six is 18, which in the Jewish religion is a lucky number. It’s “chai,” it’s “life.” Like with everything in life, you can see it one way, or you could see it another way.

    L.G.: So what possessed you to go buy a dinosaur? This is, like, so old-media. Isn’t it a bit yesterday?

    J.K.: Well, I would say two things. People are hysterical about the death of newspapers and I would say they’re not dying, they’re just kind of reinventing themselves. What the ultimate body count is in reinvention is still to be determined, but the difference between a weekly and a daily is that my product is a country home, whereas a daily is your primary residence.