Obama Household Favors HGTV

obamas HGTV.jpgIn mere months, the U.S. will elect a new president (our prediction: Michael Phelps, by nine-tenths of a second), and so it’s time to focus on the important things, like what TV shows, music, and movies the candidates like. Never afraid to ask the tough questions (e.g., “If you could be any superhero, which superhero would you be?), Entertainment Weekly is on the case, devoting four pages in its August 15 issue to pop culture Q&As with Barack Obama and John McCain. While we were intrigued to learn that McCain adores Viva Zapata! and cried at Bambi, the first movie he ever saw, some news about the viewing habits of the Obama household caught our design-focused eye. In a discussion of who controls the remote, EW finds a way to get fascists into the follow-up question:

EW: So neither [you nor your wife, Michelle] are fascists when it comes to the remote…
OBAMA: If I tell her, “Sweetie, we’ve got game 5 of the NBA finals on,” she’s willing to give me a little slack. Most of the time, though, the TV is on HGTV, and I suffer that silently.