Obama Faces Tough Choices in Downtown Market


In a White House Pool Report this afternoon, NYT‘s Sheryl Gay Stolberg writes that POTUS stopped by a “lively meat and produce market” in downtown Reading.

President Obama, no doubt faced with seriously hard choices, bought two cheesesteaks and  four apples and snagged a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone on the way out. Stolberg wrote:

Potus made an unnanounced stop at the Reading Terminal Market, a
lively meat and produce market downtown. He shook hands in front of a
falafel stall and of course stopped for cheesesteak. He ordered two ,
with sweet peppers and mushrooms.
“President Obama how ’bout an apple? Something healthy too,” a fruit
vendor cried out. The president bought four, but only gave the vendor
$1. Reggie stepped in with some more money after asking the vendor if
mr Obama had given him enough.

As he left,  people shook his hand and several wished the president “good luck”.
The president also ordered a small mint chocolate chip ice cream cone
on the way out.