NYT‘s Timespeople Has Arrived


So this morning when we clicked on to the New York Times homepage to read the morning financial doomsday headlines we were greeted with something new: Timespeople has arrived! For everybody! Timespeople, for those of you not already familiar, is the NYT answer to social networking, wherein you can share reccomendations and comments, etc. We recall thinking it was a rather good, though possibly tricky, idea when we first heard about it last May — since then we’ve been invited to so many social networking start ups we’ve lost track of who we’re supposed to be talking to where and have retreated back to the familiarity of Facebook (notwithstanding the current mutiny over their redesign).

However! We read the Times every day so we decided to give it a whirl. Who knows maybe MoDo is lurking somewhere out there just waiting for us to friend her or whatever it is people do on Timespeople.

Update: The NYT delivers! Help, that is. Check the comments section for an explanation of how to create a “feed.”

Unfortunately, you need friends to socialize, or at least people you are casually acquainted with online, and exactly two of our Gmail address book contacts are currently members and neither of them have any “activity.” Also, we’re not quite sure how to share content and can’t seem to find a FAQ link, but all in good time. What we do know is that MoDo’s imaginary conversation (get angry!) between the West Wing‘s President Barlet and Obama is the “most active.” Also the most emailed. Stay tuned, also, suggestions welcome.