NYT‘s Front Page Display Ad Will Cost You…While it Lasts!


So now we know how much a front-page ad on the New York Time print edition goes for! According to the NYP a piece of that “sacred” action will cost you $75,000 on weekdays and $100,000 on Sundays and buyers are required to “commit to buying the ad 26 times during the year — for a total of almost $2 million.” So that’s all good, since like we said yesterday this is an idea that is long past due and the Times needs all the help it can get.

Of course, now the next question/controversy (which we touched on in this morning’s Menu) is who will be the first to try and buy that ad space and get turned down? As in, what if Al Jazeera decides that’s the best way to spend their money? Or Fox News? One imagines the PR generated by such a move would be well worth the money spent.

That being said, according to next month’s Atlantic there may not even be a New York Times in 26 weeks!

Virtually all the predictions about the death of old media have assumed a comfortingly long time frame for the end of print. But what if the old media dies much more quickly? What if a hurricane comes along and obliterates the dunes entirely? Specifically, what if The New York Times goes out of business — like, this May?

Regardless of what happens over the next few months, The Times is destined for significant and traumatic change. At some point soon—sooner than most of us think — the print edition, and with it The Times as we know it, will no longer exist.

Really? As who knows it, we wonder? We have pointed out on numerous occasions that we get our NYT almost exclusively online, meaning that if the print version ceased to print tomorrow it’s unclear whether we would notice. That said, even we doubt this will happen by May, and it’s obviously the economics of the situation that make it complicated, not so much the paper vs. pixel argument. Still, anyone care to start placing bets?