NYT Style Mag T Gets A New Look Online


The New York Times gets props for being innovative and relevant on the Web, and (although its rumored to be trimming its vast blog network soon) there’s a spot on the Gray Lady’s Web site that just got a whole lot prettier.

Today, the paper’s style magazine, T relaunched a new, upgraded Web site that will now be updated continuously daily, with content from columnists and contributors and the Times‘ “The Moment” blog, now integrated into the site along with social media features like Twitter. This means instant updates from the magazine’s areas of coverage — women’s and men’s fashion, travel, and design — instead of having to wait for it only 15 times a year. But never fear, the magazine’s content will still be archived on the site in subsections, along with food and culture, too.

Expanding on the idea of multimedia, the new T site also features a video player on its home page, along with a T video library. And, the streamlined site will load faster and be easier to navigate, the Times promises.

And here’s a note from T‘s online director Horatio Silva to readers:

“We’re hardly averse to a compliment at T. After all, we work in fashion. So when you email to say that you like us — that you really, really like us — we’ll take it. You look cute, too, by the way. But we don’t want to get stuck in a style rut, or appear insensitive to criticism. So starting this Friday, we’ll unveil a rejuvenated Web site that better displays T‘s jaw-dropping images and seamlessly integrates our popular daily blog. You’ll
still be able to view all of the content from the 15 annual issues of T, as well as our exclusive celebrity videos and constantly refreshed Web-only features. There’s even a new culture section. All this, plus it’s easier to navigate and read, and quicker to load. We’re pretty proud of our new look, but since we’re among friends, don’t be afraid to let us know what you think. Seriously. Did we mention how cute you look?”

Well thank you. We think you look pretty dashing, too.

The New T Online