NYT Seeks Readers’ Help To Get Through CIA Docs

cia.jpgOur colleagues at FishbowlLA note today that the venerable New York Times has turned to crowdsourcing to help makes sense of lengthy CIA documents released yesterday.

The Times have placed the full version of a lengthy, redacted document about interrogation techniques from 2004, released by the Justice Department yesterday, in its document reader and asked readers to add comments that will help the paper “annotate and make sense of the new details revealed in the report and other supplementary materials we will also post as they are released.” More documents were released later on Monday by the CIA and the Justice Department, the Times‘s Lede blog reported.

Can Times readers shed any light on these confusing documents? The blog has already attracted several comments, and it will be interesting to se how the Grey Lady uses them in future stories about the documents.

FishbowlLA: The Grey Lady Starts Crowdsourcing