Noguchi Stamps

Noguchi Stamps


I do a lot of mailing – tons of post cards and press releases (though not nearly enough social correspondence). By and large I am disappointed with the offers of the USPS. The LOVE stamps are usually rather twee. (The ones I link to here are passable, but I’m not sure that sending business correspondence with LOVE stamps is well-advised.) Also, I usually need to buy in rolls of 100, which means either ugly flags or, improbably, Snowy Egrets. I go for the latter, seeing as how I’m not much of a flag waver.

I’m eagerly anticipating the Masterworks of Modern Architecture stamps I posted about several months ago – those look great. I’m also nuts about the Noguchi stamps that are currently issued, so much so that I’m thinking of stockpiling a bunch. (My friend Greg was teasing me last night “Are all your funds in stamps?” he asked. Um, sadly, yes they are.) The Noguchi stamps are lovely and elegant – they really dress up an envelope, which is just not something I expect from a US issued stamp.

Other stamps I like are the extremely wacky R Buckminster Fuller stamps and the James Baldwin ones. (I take a special pleasure in attaching those stamps to correspondence going to recipients who I suspect to be racist and/or homophobic. Is that wrong?)

Anyway, the main point of this post is this: If you like the looks of the Noguchi stamps above, pick some up. I’m pretty sure that they’re going to stop producing them soon.