NJ Loses Power Overnight

The offices of NJ, The Atlantic and Government Executive offices all lost power overnight. The sites, such as NJ, appear to be working. The Atlantic still has posts from Sunday Sept. 26. Staff was initially told to stay home for the time being and work from there.

Linda Douglass, Atlantic Media Company’s VP, Head of Corporate and Strategic Communications, assured that everything is working again. “It’s all up and running again,” she wrote in an e-mail five minutes ago.  “There was a power outage overnight but it all came on again at around 9:30.”

Douglass said the newsroom is bustling again. “Everyone seems to be here. As far as I can tell, the newsrooms are humming. Someone might have said that earlier this morning — maybe at around 8am or so — but people should know by now that the power has been up for more than an hour.”