Nick Summers Moves To The New York Observer, Much To The Consternation Of One Village Voice Tipster

By now, you’re likely aware that John Koblin has left The New York Observer for WWDier pastures. Now, nearly a month since the announcement that he was leaving made its way across the interwebs, comes news of his successor, courtesy of Runnin’ Scared: Nick Summers. Summers founded snarkelitist blog IvyGate and formerly worked as a reporter for Newsweek.

But, alas, this doesn’t mean that everything is all sunshine flowers and gin-flavored lollipops at the Observer offices:

Zeke Turner was the junior reporter under Koblin, and Summers is being brought in above him. A tipster writes in:

Zeke should have gotten that job. The morale in the newsroom is already in the dumps: hiring an outsider only makes it worse. I’m sure Nick is a good guy and talented. But Kyle doesn’t understand that Observer writers were never stars when they got into those spots (including Koblin, Sherman, Calderone, etc.). They become stars by having natural talent and moving up the ranks. Maybe he doesn’t know how to raise young writers (/be a fucking editor) so he gives these jobs away to more established people. It’s crap.