Newspaper Reporter Ranks Among Top 10 Most Endangered Jobs

press hatIf you’re an aspiring newspaper reporter, listen up. You may want to know about what a little birdie told us. (And by that, we mean a new report issued by CareerCast on the most endangered jobs.)

Yeah, that’s because newspaper reporter is one of them. Based on 200 jobs from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career site projected the least promising career paths relative to job growth, income and existing employment.

Most notable on the list (notable to us, anyway) is the hard-nosed newspaper reporter. Per BLS statistics, the median income is $37,090. What’s even worse is the employment outlook the next eight years. Jobs in this realm are anticipated to plummet by 13 percent. We can thank declining subscriptions and meek advertising sales for that.

Among the other nine endangered jobs, you ask? Mail carriers, farmers, lumberjacks, printing workers, meter reader, travel agent, flight attendant, drill-press operator, printing worker and tax examiner and collectors.