New Radio Show Wants Ideas Not Insults – Can We Handle That?

ONE-arianna-huffington.jpg TWO-Matalin.jpg

A “new” kind of national radio show is set to launch on June 26 that will broadcast on more than 50 stations across the country. Called “Both Sides Now,” the show prides itself on civility and an all-female insider D.C. cast. One point, a show insider tells us, is to have a program to contrast the existing sea of male D.C. arguers.

HuffPost‘s Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington and GOP Pundit and former Bush/Cheney Advisor Mary Matalin will er, square off, I mean, politely discuss the contentious issues of the day. The show’s creator is former NYC Public Advocate Mark Green.

The show’s air time is one hour on Saturday nights.


What to expect: “Entertaining and informative conversation between two highly respected women from opposite sides of the political aisle, allowing listeners to hear both sides of an issue and enabling them to ultimately make up their own minds.”

More details to come. Stay tuned…