New NYC Condoms Allusive, Candylike, Evocative of Childhood Birthday Parties

nyc condom ad.jpg

As you may recall, we romantics here at UnBeige celebrated Valentine’s Day by chatting with Yves Behar about condoms, specifically the new New York City condom for which Behar and his fuseproject team designed the packaging and dimpled button dispensers. In the April 21 issue of New York magazine, six design experts weigh in on the city’s, uh, roll-out campaign. Pentagram partner Paula Scher notes the use of the Gotham typeface and how the “nice, friendly, round shape[d]” logo “alludes to what a condom is and romances the form,” while Rob Giampietro of design studio Giampietro+Smith says that the “cheesy” posters make him think of his third birthday party. We happen to think the dispenser and its contents look like they’re right out of Dylan’s Candy Bar (the store, that is, not the website), and wouldn’t you know it, design legend Steven Heller agrees! “When you look at Trojans or Ramseses, they look like they belong in a drugstore. This reads less medicinal, more like candy,” notes Heller. “It looks very edible, and if I needed one, I would pull it out of the dispenser.”