Adirondack Bureau Chief to Jon Stewart: Come Work for NPR

Brian Mann's arguments make a lot of sense.

NCPRRadioLogoFun blog post today from Brian Mann, Adirondack bureau chief for North County Public Radio (NCPR) in Canton, New York.

He starts off by admitting that NPR is generally terrible at being funny. Which, in the case of exiting Daily Show host Jon Stewart, might actually be a good thing. Mann argues that Stewart’s evolution as a journalist has gradually shifted over the years, adding increasing amounts of gravitas to go along with the goofing. Then comes Mann’s “humble invitation:”

Why not come home to the place where grown-up, hard, civil conversations are happening every day about exactly the things that Jon Stewart thinks we need to be talking about? Here’s a reality. A lot of the audience that Stewart started out with in 1999 has already graduated to public radio.

The college kid who tuned in the Daily Show in 1999? She’s in her late thirties now. She has a mortgage and two kids and a divorce. And she’s listening to NPR on the drive to work every day. She’s here waiting for you, Jon, right here on the FM dial or on her Smartphone podcast. And she’s willing to follow you and your line of curiosity, even when you’re doing a show where there doesn’t need to be a punchline or a clown gag.

Mann adds that working remotely for public radio can fit snuggly with Stewart’s stated goal of spending more time with family. Read the full post and chime in to the comments here.
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