Watching the evening news is rare, but remarkable

I rarely watch the local evening news anymore, mainly because I find it hard to ascribe to the “if it bleeds it leads” theory. However, on a trip to my family home I sat down with my mother, who watches the evening news like clockwork every night, to watch KCAL 9 News at 10.

I was impressed by the integration of the popular stories on the web into the broadcast and the numerous refers to the website. They even had a great tech story on YouTube’s pending integration with TiVo. It made me proud to be a multimedia journalist. Most of all I was impressed by the use of the term “blog post” instead of “blog” in reference to a new blog entry. Several announcers, especially the crew at Good Day L.A., will instead say “I have a new blog today” which drives me batty.

Toward the end of the newscast my mother drifted off to the garage where she spent a considerable amount of time looking for a short story she had read some time ago. Flustered and tired, she eventually gave up the search, but on a whim decided to Google the story title. Not only did she find the complete text, but she also found a version of the story told with a PowerPoint presentation. Ah the magic of the internets.