Mums the Word on Capitol File’s New Editor

Gotta love publicists. The good ones (for reporters’ purposes) are so fabulous you want to bear hug them daily. The others force you to read between the lines and wait.

Like this three liner from Niche Media’s Lana Bernstein who offered a warm reply to our inquiry concerning who they’ve hired to be the new Editor-in-Chief of Capitol File magazine.

“We received your inquiry and just wanted to let you know that we have not made any announcements about the Editor in Chief position.  We will surely keep you posted when we are ready to release this. Please feel free to reach out to me for any inquiries in the future. Warm regards, Lana.

Thanks Lana! We reached out again to find out when they’ll be announcing the news — Lana says in the next few weeks and again offered her warm regards.

The publication is undoubtedly going through major changes with the recent departure of Publisher Sarah Schaffer and the promotion of Heather Zahn to fill her role. Schaffer apparently “left on a positive note to pursue other interests.”

Maybe so. But… in the two years that Schaffer headed up the magazine sources tell FishbowlDC that some 12 employees left. Schaffer’s marks the 13th departure in two years. Those who’ve worked with Schaffer describe her as “smart and crafty” but say she didn’t necessarily cultivate an atmosphere that endeared herself to lower level employees. Those familiar with the scene threw around words like “fear” and “tyranny.”

When we asked what Schaffer’s other specific “interests” were that she was leaving to pursue–beach volleyball anyone?–another publicist from Niche Media, Ashley Greenwood, replied… “That I can’t personally say, but I do have a quote from Niche Media’s Katherine Nicholls to share:  ‘Sarah did an outstanding job editing Capitol File delivering elevated content aligned with our mission to ‘connect, captivate and celebrate.’ Her efforts grew our business while engaging the community more deeply. We wish her success in her next endeavors.'”