MSNBC Host JJ Ramberg Testifies in Front of the House Small Business Committee

On the highs and lows of running a small business.

JJ Ramberg is not just an MSNBC host, she’s also a small business owner, which makes sense because Ramberg’s show is about small businesses.

Her program, Your Business, looks at what it takes to run a small business, similar subject matter to the testimony Ramberg was called on to deliver in front of the House Small Business Committee as part of a panel called “Inspiring Entrepreneurs: Learning from the Experts.”

Ramberg was invited to share her experience running a small business and to provide advice to would-be entrepreneurs.

“I am a third generation entrepreneur,” Ramberg told the committee, describing her family’s history of business ownership, beginning with her grandfather, who “moved here from Mexico, and his first job here was as a peddler selling pots and pans and blankets door to door.” He would go on to start a furniture store.

Ramberg started her business, Goodshop, with her brother in 2005. It’s a discount coupon site that allows users to direct a portion of their spending at network retailers to charity.

“Owning a small business and entrepreneurship is no cakewalk,” Ramberg told the panel. “It can be hard. There are many people who struggle, and even for those who are very successful, there are a lot of pain points along the way, which is why I really want to thank you again for taking the time to just talk about small business success stories. The more attention we can pay, the more focus we can put on both the challenges of small businesses and the success of small business, and the contributions of small business owners, the more we can support this very incredibly important part of our economy.”

In her prepared testimony, Ramberg also doled out some advice, which you can find here.

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