MPA Releases Web-Sourced Mag Subscription Projections

The Magazine Publishers of America released data from a study yesterday that forecasts an increase in the number of magazine subscriptions sold online this year.

According to the MPA, subscriptions that originate from the Web will make up 22 percent of new business sales for MPA member magazines this year. Last year, 21 percent of new subs came from the Web, with 17 percent and 13 percent coming from the Web in 2007 and 2006, respectively.

The information, which was drawn from a survey of MPA members and their actual and projected sales for this year, also revealed that 14 percent of total subscriptions sales — both new subscriptions and renewals — will come from the Web this year, with a majority coming from magazines’ own sites. Also, subscriptions coming from are projected to increase 35 percent this year.

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Survey Shows More Than One in Five Magazine Subscriptions Now Sold Online

New York, NY (July 28, 2009) — A new analysis from Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) reveals that magazine subscriptions that originated from the Internet will represent 22% of new business sales among member titles in 2009. The percentage of web-sourced subscriptions has increased steadily since online results were compiled for 2006:

2006 13%
2007 17%
2008 21%
2009 22%

“Magazine publishers are smartly levering online marketing opportunities to expand their audience, grow readership and increase subscription revenues,” said Nina Link, President and CEO of the MPA. “The web is becoming the number one source for direct-to-publisher subscriptions for member magazines.”

The MPA conducted an online survey among member magazines in spring 2009 covering 2008 actual sales and forecasted sales for 2009. A survey conducted last year captured results for 2006 and 2007. Four-year trend statistics are taken from an analysis of publications that participated in both surveys.

Other significant findings include:

– The Internet will represent 14% of total subscription sales (new and renewal) in 2009, up from 7% in 2006.
– Magazine-branded websites are the leading source of Internet subscriptions, representing 45% of sales.
– Other leading Internet sources include email, cross selling, upsells, offline-to-online marketing, and third-party partnerships and affiliates.
– Search engine marketing represents a smaller source of subscriptions but growing rapidly.
– Subscriptions from are forecasted to increase 35% in 2009.