Moving Apple from ‘I’ to ‘Me’


Apologies for the disappearing act. This writer had to go away for a bit to do repairs on his new-for-him-but-old-for-the-world house all weekend. But that’s neither here nor there. We have stuff to talk about and so let’s get through it today, short and sweet style. First up, by way of Daring Fireball, an interesting piece over at Lonelysandwich about Apple‘s new MobileMe. A lot has been said about the new gather-everything-up mobile synching service, including how bland and decidedly un-Apple its logo is, but the aforementioned piece gets into a good discussion on wondering if the company is moving away from its long-time lowercase “i” and will now be all into “me.” Granted, this is the sort of long-winded discussion that most normal people would want run quickly away from, save for irritating English majors (like this writer) or those who live and breathe all things Mac, but it does get into an interesting space within branding, and for that, it should appeal to the masses. Here’s a bit:

…it wasn’t simply ‘i’, the subject case of the first-person pronoun that made its way into the branding lexicon, it was the first-person pronoun in general that imposed itself on such brand names and products as MySpace, Windows Me (the Millennium Edition of Microsoft Windows), the Western Digital My Book hard drive, the paradigm-shifting Nintendo Wii game console, and the grammatically-questionable productivity tool Minesweeper.