Morning Reading List, 7.18.06


We even prefer the band 98 Degress over this kind of weather.

  • R.I.P. Ross Mark.

  • Your New York Times will be getting shorter…Ink-stained fingers everywhere rejoice.

  • To “sh*t” or not to “sh*t”?

  • Snyder is Getting Radio Active

  • Norman Pearlstine joins the Carlyle Group. Somewhere, Michael Moore wonders, “What’s next: Ben Bradlee to Halliburton?”

  • Don’t miss Chris Matthews on Leno tonight. No word on any wrestling plans.

  • Coming sign of the apocalypse: Our daily barrage of porn spam has ventured into journalism. Today’s subject line: “Journalism babes for you!” Before I bite: Do they come with loofahs?