Morning Reading List 12.22.10

*Bob Ennis, the ex-hubby in Sunday’s scandalous NYT “Vows” story, opens up to Politics Daily‘s Annie Groer. He blasts the NYT and said he feared the damaging effects it could have on his children. The groom, meanwhile, says if he knew how much trouble the story (on leaving their spouses to marry family friends) would cause, they wouldn’t have done it (the story, that is). Hindsight is so 20/20. Read Groer’s story here.’s Jeff Bercovici also had a story interviewing Ennis. He said the NYT never contacted him about putting his 7-year-old daughter’s mug in the paper. He also told that the real story here isn’t the alleged cheating and lying but rather the NYT giving their actions a “megaphone.”

*It feels like forever until we learn the answer to Mother Jones Bureau Chief’s David Corn’s question this morning asking if we’ll ever see Sarah Palin‘s e-mails. “A group of journalists, including myself, have been trying for two years to win access, under Alaska’s open records law, to emails Palin sent and received during her partial stint as governor of Alaska,” he wrote. The answer: The emails may not be disclosed before the 2012 presidential election. Want to know the wonky details in between? Read Corn’s story here. Not to be missed: his dangerous-looking comic book blue-hued picture.

*If you haven’t seen it, this well-choreographed video of ABC Diane Sawyer’s birthday celebration is a must see. She laughs. She cries. Or something in between. We hear she sent a note to all involved calling it “the most surprising, glorious, and stupefying sight in my long life.” Reporters stationed all over the globe sing and dance, including those in Washington such as ABC White House Correspondent Jake Tapper who does something we think is singing.