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Today’s the birthday of Bill Clinton, Tipper Gore, Mary Matalin and Fred Thompson. On this day in 2004, Google went public. Most of you would you rather read Dana Milbank over Maureen Dowd. Mike Allen told us yesterday that it was Trude Feldman’s birthday. Close your eyes and listen: Michael Gerson sounds like Jake Tapper. The Stamford Advocate profiles David Bohrman. FamousDC continues to flatter, saying “Beltway news rooms follow every post on FishbowlDC.” And so does Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, who says FishbowlDC is one of his top ten must reads. The AP asks, “What are TV’s most memorable moments? You decide”. David Lat shares that he “trimmed his nose hairs last night. Some of them were white. He is officially old”. Dana Perino was Fox News Sunday’s Power Player of the Week. Today is the birthday of Jillian Bandes, Facebook’s Adam Connor, The Hill’s Emily Goodin and the WaPo’s Terissa Schor. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I feel like I’m working in psychology, except only I’m having to work under these sociopaths that have no emphathy.” Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time.

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  • A reader tells us, “I was reading this Sunday’s ‘Date Lab’ and the guy sounded eerily familiar…the Post made it sound like they had made the perfect match….then I realized why he sounded familiar to me — he had contacted me through username — kpomkfaa. Guess date lab shouldn’t sound so proud of themselves”

  • Gannett Blog reports, “Gannett starts issuing pink slips: 600 jobs at stake; employees tally historic losses; blog updates all day.”

  • Nieman Watchdog reports, “George Lardner Jr.: Spreading Lies, Rather Than Debunking Them”

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  • The New York Times reports, “Television Starts to Court the Young Voter”

  • Washington Post reports, “Multicasting Allows Broadcasters To Offer More Options Than Ever”

  • Washington Post reports, “D-Day 2009 Commences On Their Signal”

  • Demver asks, “Did Fox News darken Barack Obama?”

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  • CQ relaunched CQ BillTrack as CQ BillTrack Mobile. Check it out here.

  • Check out videos from Mediabistro Circus 2008. They are available free as a benefit of your Mediabistro Circus registration.

  • Boston Globe’s Alex Beam writes, “Twittering with excitement? Hardly.” And John Dickerson writes, “Don’t Fear Twitter”

  • Huffington Post’s Todd Andrlik looks at “Chicago Tribune’s Social Media Evolution”. And Poynter Online reports, “Chicago Tribune Breaks News with Twitter Posse”

  • From the Bob Edwards Facebook page: “Today Bob talks with Matthew Continetti, writer for ‘The Weekly Standard’ about his book, ‘The K Street Gang: The Rise and Fall of the Republican Machine.’ His book shows what happens when you go to Washington to do good politically — but end up staying to do well financially. Then, Bob speaks with presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin about her book ‘Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln.'”

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  • Washington Post reports, “Giant of Internet Radio Nears Its ‘Last Stand'”

  • The Huffington Post’s Frances Moore Lapp reports, “NPR Misses Real Story, Plants Wrong Seeds”

  • Washington Post reports, “Sirius XM Chief Says Merger Debt Is ‘Ugly'”

  • NPR’s WAMU 88.5 announced “NPR’s Diane Rehm to chat on WAMU 88.5’s The Conversation Aug. 20”. The conversation will occur here at 1 p.m.

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  • The Norman Transcript reports, “Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation has announced the distribution of $1.85 million in grants to 29 journalism organizations nationwide.”

  • Richard Prince looks at “The Newsroom Diversity Connection”

  • The Nation’s Eric Alterman writes, “Given the extent to which the self-definition of elite Washington reporters depends not only on their access to power but also on their role in reinforcing its prerogatives, it would be odd if eight years of a limitlessly corrupt, pathologically dishonest and lawless presidency did not leave its mark. And while we might have hoped that these actions would help the press to stiffen its collective backbone, unfortunately it has done just the opposite.”

  • PDN reports, “Bill Would End Ban on Photos of Returning Military Dead”

  • The Wall Street Journal reports, “Frustrations are escalating between the Western media and Chinese officials over the government’s handling of the Olympic Games. At a daily press conference Thursday, reporters confronted Olympic officials over the rough handling of a British television journalist by Chinese security forces, and the government’s failure to approve bids to demonstrate in designated protest zones.”

  • The Los Angeles Times reports, “Latino media expect ad windfall from presidential race”

  • Market Watch’s Jon Friedman looks at “John McCain’s No. 1 media problem”

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  • NPR is looking for a Chief Executive Officer.

  • Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries is looking for an Associate Editor.

  • Thompson Publishing Group is looking for an Experienced Editor.

  • Inside Washington Publishers is looking for Print and online reporters.

  • Point Carbon is looking for a Managing editor.

  • SeaWeb is looking for a Communications Assistant.

  • The McLaughlin Group is looking for a Television Producer-Writer.

  • The Globalist is looking for a p/t editorial assistant.

  • The Advisory Board Company is looking for a Health Policy Staff Writer.

  • American Academy of Physician Assistants is looking for a Writer.

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