Morning Media Menu Talks the Financial Meltdown with John Carney

mornmm.gifToday on the menu we are joined by FishbowlNY’s favorite numbers man (also our only numbers man, but still our favorite!) Clusterstock‘s John Carney to talk about all things financial crisis. John has lots to say, beginning with the fact that based on his theorizing my last place bracket ranking may have more to do with a random streak of bad luck than the fact I had no idea what I was doing when I filled it out. carneygf.jpgAccording to John money managers have just as much chance of success by basing their decisions on throwing darts at a board as any other method. Isn’t that reassuring!? Furthermore, Carney speculates that Geithner should consider giving the dart board a whirl. He also thinks that the financial crisis may be too complicated a story for newspapers to be able to cover properly and that blogs may be better suited to the job.

The complexity of the plans that Geithner has put forth makes it very difficult to translate into a comprehensible news segment or even a newspaper article…in some ways blogs have a great advantage in that we can address the story in a dozen posts rather than one big article, and address different angles of how each piece of the plan will work. And I think that traditional media is doing a pretty bad job of explaining what the plan to save the economy is going to be.

Meanwhile, John thinks Howard Dean is a good get for CNBC and also suggests that it’s entirely possible the recent rise in listeners at NPR is due to him. You can listen to all the past podcasts at and call in at 646-929-0321.