Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Haters tell reporter he’s fat, bald and looks like an egg

On Monday afternoon, The Daily Beast‘s Eli Lake wrote a story about his haters. The headline: “Dear Twitter Haters: I, Eli, Love Your Passion” The deck: “When haters hate, love can put them in their place, writes egg man Eli Lake.”

 An excerpt: “The crank is obsessed with an issue, while the hater is obsessed with a person. For some reason, I have attracted quite of few them. Haters on Twitter like to tell me that I am bald; that I am fat; that I look like an egg; that I am really a stealth agent for Israel or the Republic of Georgia; and that I am responsible for the murder of innocents in Iraq, Gaza, and Syria.”

Media critic abhors media group think

“I still hate media #GroupThink, even when they are piling on Obama. stop RTing each other and start talking to sources #InvestigateSomething.” — Fox News media critic and former Mitt Romney Spokesman Richard Grenell.

Convo Between Two Journos

This morning’s conversation is between Politico’s Jordan Fabian and Roll Call’s Meredith Shiner.

FABIAN: “@meredithshiner Is it kosher to prostitute myself for lobster lasagna?”

SHINER: “@Jordanfabian the lord gives special dispensation for the days immediately proceeding sports-induced trauma.”

Your chance to win a dorky HuffPost tote bag!

“Yay! We’ve reached 3 million followers on Twitter! RETWEET for your chance to win a HuffPost tote” — HuffingtonPost. For the next 30 days each day they’ll pick a winner at random. So watch out for the hashtag, #hpheartsyou.

Anonymous email to FBDC: “Yes, Boyle. If you spew enough shit, you’re bound to hit the toilet eventually.” — In response to story on Breitbart News’ Matthew Boyle chastising the media for being so slow on Attorney Gen. Eric Holder‘s evil ways.

Worst name for TV this week: David Finkelhor. He appeared on CNN’s “The Lead” Tuesday afternoon. He heads up the Crimes Against Children Research Center.