More Info on Barbra Streisand’s Design Book


Save for that quick post last month when we told you she would be the keynote at this year’s BookExpo, it had been almost a full year since we’d last thought about Barbra Steisand writing a book about architecture and design. But now here it is all over the place (thanks BookExpo), with the first peek at its cover (where Babs looks just slightly more comfortable than her very uneasy dog). The initial info has come out now, so we and you now know that it’ll be 288 pages, cost somewhere south of $60 depending on where you buy it, and has an official release date of November 16th of this year. And while we’d really rather not have to think about it again until then, she does score some points in this quote over at the NY TimesT blog for dropping Mies van der Rohe‘s name:

Gayle King, the editor-at-large of O, the Oprah Magazine, interviewed Streisand but was obviously outmatched by the diva’s aesthetic prowess. “When I think of a Tiffany lamp,” King said, “I think of bright colors.” “No,” replied Streisand, “you’re thinking of fake Tiffany lamps.” Burn! King went on to quote Oprah, who likes to say, “God is in the details.” “Ah,” Streisand chimed in, “But Mies van der Rohe said the devil is in the details.” They’re both right, of course, but Babs had the last word.