More Changes at Self

We’re just going to make this a site dedicated to Self news. Hope you’re cool with that. Joyce Chang and Mary Murcko, editor and publisher of the magazine, respectively, have announced… Wait for it… New hires! Alex Postman has been named deputy editor, and Maureen Dempsey has been named site director.

Since Chang and Murcko took over in April, they’ve let more than a few people go, and hired the following:

  • Eric Johnson
  • Barbara Reyes
  • Suzanne D’Amato
  • Rebecca Sinn
  • Melissa Ventosa Martin
  • Dania Ortiz
  • Lori Cohn
  • Tammy Cohen
  • Lexie McCarthy
  • Postman and Dempsey

Self, as you can see, is basically a new magazine. That’s the goal. Chang expects the new improved Self to begin with the October issue. Her vision is to transform Self from a fitness magazine to more of a general interest title.

Let’s hope it works, because there have been an awful lot of changes with that end point in mind.