Mets, Yankees: The Media Coverage


As those of who either follow baseball or read the tabloids know, the Major League Baseball playoffs move into the league championship series this week with one New York team in — the Mets — and one New York team out — the Yankees. Here’s a brief recap of the media’s coverage:

  • Following the Yankees’ stunning series loss to the Detroit Tigers — ruining chances of another Subway Series — there was front-page speculation, led by the Daily NewsMike Lupica, that manager Joe Torre would be fired. The Post, doing an about-face on its “Clueless Joe” headline from a decade ago, called on owner George Steinbrenner to save Torre’s job.
  • To the Post‘s delight, Steinbrenner decided to let Torre stay, announcing the non-move during a press conference at Yankee stadium yesterday. The Daily News, of course, would never run think to run a “We Were Wrong” coverline.
  • The New York Times, meanwhile, apologized for preempting its coverage of the Mets’ first round victory in favor of Torre’s press conference with this: “WE INTERRUPT THE METS POST-SEASON…” No surprise; they’ve done stuff like this before.
  • The Post ran Torre’s story on the front and back pages today. The Daily News went with a Mets double-cover, previewing its series with the Cardinals.
  • Fox, a network that continually shows baseball fans no respect, has opted to show both of tonight’s games at 8:00 PM — with Game 2 of the Tigers-Oakland Athletics series on its FX channel.
  • Darryl Strawberry — ex-Met, ex-Yankee, ex-addict, ex-con, current inspirational school speaker — will throw out the first pitch of tonight’s Mets game.

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