MetroMix Now Has Sex With Peter Gilstrap

451898_ratio3x4_width180.jpgMetroMix today debuted its new sex column “Hot & Bothered” with perennial trouble-maker Peter Gilstrap. The sex expert (who says he’s not a sex expert, just someone who, you know, has had sex) offers some pretty sage advice, only some of which involves udder balm.

Gilstrap took time out of his busy schedule of, um, research to talk with FBLA about his new gig:

FBLA: Here’s what we’ve always wanted to know about new advice columns: Who really asked the first questions?

PG: The questions came from folks I know. Troubled, wonderful people who needed a bit of guidance. Actually, some were friends of friends.

FBLA: Ah! and I’m guessing you now know way more about these people than you wanted. Next question: What makes you a sex expert?

PG: I don’t claim to be an “expert” — who can, really? — but merely one who’s had years of experience in the sex and love arena, which includes stunning triumphs and dismal failures. but then you don’t ask a puppy what it’s like to be a dog.

FBLA: True enough. So did you pitch this idea to them or did they come to you looking for your insight?

PG: The latter.

FBLA: And did you jump at it immediately or did it take some convincing?

PG:I jumped in. Think about it: Writing about sex. making money. helping people. even one of those is dangling carrot enough.