“Meet” Interviews Maria Shriver for Sunday’s Show

David Gregory interviewed Maria Shriver, Senator Kennedy’s niece and daughter of Eunice, for tomorrow’s “Meet the Press,” the hour of which will be dedicated to Senator Kennedy. Shriver is a former NBC correspondent.

The Shriver interview will air in its entirety tomorrow. FBDC has these excerpts for now:

Shriver: I think both of them (Ted Kennedy and Eunice Shriver) are incredible testaments to how long it takes– how hard one has to work to accomplish something. And I think we’ve lost sight of that in this country in all professions, whether it be journalism or politics. People expect you to get elected president and solve all the problems immediately. And I think if they look at people like Teddy or like Mummy, they see how long they had to stay in there and keep hammering away and hammering away. And I think that that gives us hope– when people get disillusioned that they didn’t get something done right away. If you look at people like that and say, “Wow– they accomplished a lot but it took a long time.”


Gregory: What was that final year like for him?

Shriver: Well, I think it was, for me, watching this final year was– beautiful. Because I think– you know, there have been a lotta things written about Teddy over the years. And it hasn’t all been complimentary. And I think– for someone to have that kind of love come at you is a very powerful thing that very few people I think ever experience in their lifetime.

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And after the jump, Shriver discusses the accomplishments of Senator Kennedy and her mother who died just two weeks ago, in a second video clip…

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