Media Moguls Don’t Want to Tweet with Rupert Murdoch

When Rupert Murdoch joined Twitter, there was a lot of talk about what he was going to say. Then, when he started tweeting, we all found out that he uses the social network just like the rest of us: For blasting total strangers with boring thoughts that probably should just be kept to ourselves.

Not much has changed since Murdoch joined. His avatar is less creepy, so we’ll give him applause for that. But he recently chimed in with a weather report that was, well, a bit off:

Almost warn! Non sign!

It’s really great/depressing stuff. So you have to wonder, will any other media giant join Twitter, now that Murdoch has paved the way?

The Los Angeles Times says no. It asked Viacom’s Sumner Redstone, Comcast’s Brian Roberts, Time Warner’s Jeff Bewkes, CBS’ Leslie Moonves and Disney’s Bob Iger if they would join the social networking site, and they all declared that they wanted no part of it.

It’s a shame. Bewkes probably has a lot of interesting things to say about his lunch, and Murdoch is probably lonely. Maybe he should tweet about that?