Measure Your Worth By Way of a Site You Made!


What’s the internet, or life for that matter, without figuring out where you stand in the popularity contest that is existence? Some time ago there was that strange half-parody thing, Blogebrity (on which this writer was thrust into the b-level status he always hoped would obtain), and now there’s Design Charts. Though more scientific in its approach, and only concerning well-designed websites, if you’re in any way involved in the making of said sites, prepare to become overjoyed, addicted, or crestfallen (and sorry to say, we’re kinda hoping for the last one, because it’s just been forever since we saw someone legitimately crestfallen). Here’s the scoop:

Every week, Design Charts scans the traffic generated from our network of websites that award website design. Using this data, we publish a Top 40 chart every Monday at 9am GMT. With our weekly charts, design lovers and creatives alike have a new de facto standard for gauging which websites are truly a cut above the rest. Enjoy!