Radio Vet Banks on New Martini Mix

Four minutes of sponsored commercials for each hour of free, streaming Internet radio. Sounds like a fair deal, right?

That’s the baseline formula behind a new player introduced at, an online radio station programmed by industry veteran Brad “Martini” Chambers (pictured at left during 2010’s fourth anniversary celebrations). If each and every one of the streaming broadcaster’s 700,000 listeners switches over to the new player and listens to at least an hour, it could translate to a nice monthly gross of $35,000.

Chambers tells the Daily Breeze that he is hoping his most recent on-air pledge drive, which ended July18, will be his last. Sure enough, the home page for the station proclaims in big bold letters that it is now “sink or swim time” for the operation, and that people need to install the “Miracle Martini Player.”

The terrestrial phase of Chambers’ career encompassed stations The Fabulous 570 and The Fabulous 690. He says he is now aiming to hit the fabulous online listener benchmark of one million.