San Diego Ranked America’s ‘Least Manly’ Major Metropolis

Forget about accusations that the 2012 Miss America pageant was rigged. FishbowlLA thinks something is less than properly testosterone-tested when the sash of America’s “Least Manly” major city gets draped around San Diego.

Sure, it’s got a downtown core gentrified to the hilt. But picking up on Dorian Hargrove’s report in the San Diego Reader, these particular per-capita number crunchers seem to have forgotten about Camp Pendleton:

The fourth annual [Mars Chocolate North America] Combos “America’s Manliest Cities” study looked at 50 of the largest metropolitan cities searching for the manliest traits and found that Oklahoma City had the most manly of traits, i.e. home improvement stores, sports bars and steak houses.

Those cities – ahem, San Diego — that have a high concentration of “nail salons and fancy shopping boutiques” finished at the bottom of the list.

Lame. Since five of the seven lowest ranked cities are in California, there could be a chocolaty ulterior motive at play here. For what it’s worth, LA is #46.