Marc Newson Returns to Qantas for New Plane Designs


Just over a year after launching their new first class lounges in Sydney and Melbourne, Qantas Airlines has stayed on their Marc Newson kick, as the first look at the designer’s new plans for the airline’s fleet of A380 planes have been unveiled by none other than everyone’s favorite design writer Alice Rawsthorn herself. Re-printing a story she wrote for the International Herald Tribune last week, the NY Times has updated it a bit, including a small handful of images of the planes’ new interiors, which seem to closely follow Newson’s lounge designs, albeit it maybe a little less flashy (these things have to get up in the air and be inexpensive to operate after all). Rawsthorn, true to form, gets into all the nitty gritty about what’s what and what’s where with Newson’s plans, including all of the testing and safety processes that go into designing for airplanes, the sorts of things you don’t usually worry about when you’re not attaching something you’ve built to flying gas cans. It’s almost enough to make us want to try experiencing one of these new planes without taking any Xanax to curb this writer’s all-consuming fear of flying. Almost.