London Design Fest’s John Sorrell Asks That Designers Stay Positive, Despite Economic Woes


Not entirely a positive, but we’re sure you’ll be happy for anything with a brighter outlook than our last couple of real downer posts. Sir John Sorrell, chairman of the London Design Festival was speaking last week to partners in the festival and asked that everyone involved in the design industry keep a stiff upper lip and how the creative fields would be the thing that would lift us all out of economic chaos. Granted, Sorrell probably has to say that, given that the Design Festival launches late this summer and it’s kind of a bummer having a big event like that, in any field, not just design, while everyone’s getting laid off or finding jobs with tiny salaries; so you sort of have to say, “Look! I promise! We’re going to matter! Honest!” But here’s to really, really, really hoping that he’s right. Here’s a bit:

“I believe that the greatest creativity happens in adversity,” he says. “And I believe creativity in adversity is the key to success. I believe in the power of design to solve problems and [foster] innovation.”

He continues, “Design for me is the powerhouse of the creative industries. It is the catalyst that restarts the economic engines of nations.”